Wetting Videos

Check out these incredible high-definition pants wetting videos, all produced exclusively for HD Wetting.  These girls pee their pants on purpose and have humiliating accidents.  They even wet themselves in public.

Olivia pees in her pants while playing a video game with Alisha.
Desperate to pee, Alisha has an accident while playing a video game.
Close-up of Olivia pissing in the bath.

Pissing in Her Bath

Alisha checks out her wet ass after peeing in her jeans.
Olivia pees through her panties onto Alisha.
Alisha touches Olivia's wet panties after she pees in them.
Full frontal nude shot of Olivia pissing in her shower while standing.
Close-up of Alisha peeing in her pants.

1,000th Video!

After peeing in her leggings Alisha inspects the damage.
Olivia spanking Alisha
Alisha shows off her wet panties.
A huge wet patch is visible on Alisha's jeans after she pees in them.

Peeing in Pink Pants

Close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her denim shorts.

Foreplay Instruction