Camp Creep Makes Alisha Pee Herself

Alisha gets caughth peeing her pants in the forest on a night-vision camera.

While on a group camping trip, Alisha excuses herself to vanish into the foliage and pee. Unknown to her, she is being followed by the camp creep, armed with a night-vision camera, and intent on filming her in the act of relieving herself.

In this scene we join Alisha around the campfire as she is telling a scary story.  Needing to pee, she excuses herself and walks into the forest to take care of business.  What she doesn’t know is that she is being followed by the camp-creep who is recording her with a night vision camera.

Just before she lowers her pants she hears a noise and catches the creep in the act of filming her.  She demands he turns off the camera and leaves her alone, stating that she isn’t going to expose herself in front of him. Being a total jerk, however, our camera person refuses to stop recording or to give Alisha any kind of privacy.  Instead, he continues to film as Alisha grows more desperate and begs him to go away.  Eventually, Alisha can’t hold it any longer and pees in her pants, and it all gets recorded on video.