Wetting Videos

Check out these incredible high-definition pants wetting videos, all produced exclusively for HD Wetting.  These girls pee their pants on purpose and have humiliating accidents.  They even wet themselves in public.

Desperate to pee, Alisha clutches her crotch, trying to hold back the flood.

Nighttime Wetting Panties

In the shower, Alisha removes her soaked jeans revealing her panties.

Getting Wet in the Shower

Alisha sits on the floor in the middle of her pee-puddle.

Puddle Fun

Close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her leggings.
Closeup shot of Alisha peeing in her panties.

An Honest Wetting

Close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her white pants.
Close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her denim shorts.

Hotel Room Accident

While holding herself, Alisha pees in her panties, with visible streams escaping between her fingers.

Peeing Through Her Fingers

Desperate to pee, Alisha tightly crosses her legs as she struggles to free her stuck zipper.

It’s the Zipper’s Fault

With her jeans around her knees, Alisha pees through her underwear and into her pants.

Panties and Jeans

Alisha's blue cotton panties are clearly wet after she pees in them.
Alisha records herself in the mirror as she pees in her shorts.
Alisha rubs herself as she pees in her panties.

Wet Reflection

After starting to wet herself on the way to the bathroom, Alisha sits on the toilet and finishes peeing through her already wet jeans.

Just a Little Too Late

Alisha pees in her jeans while standing in front of an open window.

In Front of an Open Window