Wetting Videos

Check out these incredible high-definition pants wetting videos, all produced exclusively for HD Wetting.  These girls pee their pants on purpose and have humiliating accidents.  They even wet themselves in public.

Extreme close of Olivia peeing in her blue panties, doggy style.
Autumn watches as Olivia pees in her pink spandex shorts.

Holding With Olivia and Autumn

Autumn starts to take off her wet jeans, revealing her lacy pink panties.
Olivia and Autumn rub each other after they both pee in the bed.
Close-up shot of Olivia peeing in her denim short as Autumn rubs her.
Close-up shot of Autumn as she starts to pee in her jeans.
Close-up shot of Olivia and Autumn rubbing each other's pussies, with Olivia wearing wet, peed in, panties.
Low angle view of Olivia peeing in her cotton panties.

Distracted by Her Book

Close-up shot from behind of Olivia peeing through her panties.
Close-up shot of Autumn sitting in her own pee puddle.
Olivia looks down in horror as she starts to pee her pants.
Close-up shot of Last Kiss peeing in her jeans as she masturbates.

Playing With Herself

Sosha removes Alisha's wet shorts, after she peed in them, revealing Alisha's soaked panties.
Close-up of Alisha peeing in her denim shorts.

Last Kiss vs. Alisha