Reporter Has Accident Live On-Air

Reporter desperate to pee durring live report.

A television news reporter accidentally wets her pants live, on-air, after growing desperate to pee during a live report.

In this video we get to watch a live report from Alisha Adams.  She is on-location, trying to report the news, but is also desperate to pee.  During her report she grows increasingly desperate, at times even having to hold herself and cross her legs.  As her desperation grows, she has an increasingly difficult time delivering her report.

Despite doing her best to get through her report, and maintain control of her bladder, she ultimately fails at both.  Standing in front of the camera, she ends up peeing her pants.  The shock of wetting herself seems to make her forget all about her report; She stands, frozen, as she wets her pants, then runs away, humiliated, to hide.