Super Humiliating Accident in Public

In her most humiliating public wetting accident yet, Sosha completely pees herself on a busy street corner as cars and pedestrians pass by.

The setup here is a familiar situation for Sosha- She is at the mercy of her friend, who is supposed to be picking her up, but is running late.  Desperate to pee, the only thing Sosha can do is try to hold on as she waits for her friend to arrive.  The whole while she is on the phone with her friend, trying to get them to hurry up.

We get to watch as Sosha struggles, in vain, against her bursting bladder.  Despite her valiant efforts to fight the impending flood, resistance proves futile as she ends up completely soaking her pants, fully visible to everyone passing by.  After wetting herself, she runs away to hide and swears to herself to never rely on her friend for a ride again.