Remaking a Classic

In this video we challenge Alisha and Olivia to remake a classic HD Wetting video.  Can Alisha and Olivia do a better job in 2020 compared to the original, with Sammy and Mikki, shot in 2008?

Alisha and Olivia have no prior knowledge of what scene they are going to be asked to remake.  They get to watch the scene for the first time in this video- A classic scene with Sammy tied up and Mikki peeing on her.  After watching the original video, Alisha and Olivia do their best to create their own version of the scene, trying to make it even better than the original.

In their version, Alisha has Olivia tied to a chair, her mouth taped shut.  Lifting her skirt, Alisha sits on Olivia’s lap and pees through her panties, soaking not just her own underwear, but Olivia’s pants as well.  Once she is done peeing, Alisha slides her hand down the front of Olivia’s pants and rubs her pussy.