Hidden Camera Desperation

A hidden camera captures a woman wetting her pants on accident.

A hidden camera happens to capture Alisha having an embarrassing wetting accident in her jeans after her zipper becomes stuck in this video.

The problem with so many “accident” videos is they lack authenticity.  Are we really supposed to believe that this model just happens to wet her pants, while not noticing the camera person following her a round?  It strains credibility to the point of offending reason.

To be realistic, there needs to be a reason for the camera to be there.  It could be a security camera, a hidden camera voyeur video, or something else, but for the scene to be authentic the existence of the camera needs to be motivated by something.  That is what we tried to do with this scene, were our hidden camera captures Alisha while she is desperate to pee and ends up wetting her jeans.