Touching Herself and Peeing

Close-up shot of Alisha peeing through her sexy red panties.

While touching herself Alisha pees in her sexy red panties, then masturbates in her dripping wet underwear.

We find Alisha out in the forest in this scene, wearing a sexy, short, black dress and red panties she confesses her desire to pee in her underwear while we watch.  Without any fanfare or additional lead-up, she lifts her dress, exposing her panties, and releases a forceful stream of piss through the fabric of her underwear.

As she pees through her panties, she is touching herself, playing with her pee stream, and rubbing it all over her underwear.  Once her stream tapers off her hand goes straight down the front of her underwear and begins rub herself vigorously.  At one point she seems to remember that she is being filmed, so she invites her viewers to join in with her, but continues to pleasure herself, eventually having an orgasm.