Photos | Topless Outdoor Jeans Wetting

What could be sexier than a photo set of Alisha peeing in her tight jeans? How about Alisha peeing in her tight jeans while topless?

Featuring more than 130 high-resolution photographs, this gallery takes us outdoors on a gorgeous summer day with Alisha.  It is so warm out that Alisha hasn’t even bothered putting on any kind of top, so throughout this gallery she is completely topless.

For the first several images in this set she simply is posing for the camera, giving us a chance to appreciate the view of her only wearing tight jeans with no shirt.  Then, there are several more photos where she clearly needs to pee.  She is crossing her legs and holding herself.  For the rest of the photos she is then peeing in her pants and showing off her wet jeans to the camera.