Peeing in Pants and Watching Tiger King

Alisha touches Olivia's wet panties after she pees in them.

In this scene Olivia pees in her jeans while Alisha watches, while watching the popular docu-series Tiger King.

If you haven’t heard of Tiger King by now, where have you been?  It is the docu-series that has been taking the world by storm, with is unbelievable characters and non-stop twists and turns.  Many viewers are binging the entire series in one sitting, unable to take themselves away from their screens.

We find Alisha and Olivia in this video, watching Tiger King, completely engrossed in the show.  When Olivia needs to pee, she doesn’t want to stop the show or miss anything.  So, instead of going to the bathroom, she simply stands up and wets her pants, much to Alisha’s delight.  After Olivia is done peeing, they stop the show so that Alisha can help Olivia out of her wet clothing and go down on her.