Toilet Prank

Alisha pees in her pants after discovering the toilet lit has been secured shut in a prank.

Alisha ends up having an embarrassing wetting accident in her jeans after someone has screwed her toilet lid shut in a mean prank.

Someone has decided to play a bit of a prank on Alisha- They have secured her toilet lid shut, so she is unable to open it to use the toilet.  On top of that, our prankster was kind enough to set up a hidden camera in Alisha’s bathroom so we could see what happens.

In the video we get to see Alisha rush in, clearly desperate for the toilet, only to discover that she can’t lift the lid.  After several lovely minutes of extreme desperation, with Alisha clutching her crotch and crossing her legs, she finally has an accident.  The faded denim of her jeans clearly shows the wet patch as she pees herself.  After wetting her pants, she takes off her wet jeans and underwear and puts them in the wash.