Christening Her New Apartment

Olivia films herself peeing in her panties in her new apartment.

After moving in to her new apartment, Olivia decides that it won’t quite feel like home until she firsts christens it by peeing in her panties.

This homemade video comes to us directly from Olivia.  She has just moved in to a new apartment, but it doesn’t quite feel at home yet.  Before it can really feel like hers, Olivia must ‘christen’ her new dwelling.  How is she going to do that?  Well, for Olivia, this means peeing in her panties in her knew place.

Filming herself, so she can share the video with us, she sit on the toilet in just her underwear.  Then, as we watch, she pees through her underwear into the toilet bowl.  After she is done peeing she plays with her pussy for a bit in her wet underwear before she says goodbye and stops recording.