Unsuccessful Attempt at Holding

When an attempted hold ends unsuccessfully, the result is soaked denim in this desperation and wetting video.

In this scene we join Sosha outdoors as she is desperate to pee.  The setup here is simple; We simply waited until Sosha was absolutely bursting, then told her to walk along a creek and hold it as long as she could.  As she struggled to hold it, we followed her with a camera, filming what happened.

After walking along for a little bit, she is hit with a sudden surge of intense desperation forcing her to freeze in place.  Clenching, she does her best to hold back, but it is no use- Standing next to the creek, she pees in her jeans, soaking them.  After wetting her pants she turns around and starts walking back, still in her soaked jeans, and talks about her unsuccessful attempt at holding.