Making Alisha Wet the Bed

A contest to see who can stay awake the longest results in Alisha wetting the bed in this cute pee scene.

Having a contest to see who can stay awake the longest, Alisha has clearly lost, making Olivia the winner. Feeling that the looser should have to suffer some consequence, Olivia decides to test the myth about putting someone’s hand in warm water while they sleep. Carefully, she places Alisha’s hand in a bowl of warm watch, then watches as Alisha proceeds to wet the bed.

After Alisha pees, Olivia hides the bowl of warm water and wakes Alisha up. She brags to Alisha that she won, pointing out that not only did she fail to stay awake as long, but also that she has wet her bed. Alisha is still far too tired to care and just wants to go back to sleep. Ignoring Olivia, Alisha rolls over and is soon sleeping again. By this point, Olivia can no longer fight her own sleepiness and ends up lying down on the wet bed next to Alisha.