Alisha Desperately Wetting Her Jeans

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Alisha completely floods her jeans after being extremely desperate to pee in this sexy wetting video.

In this intimate, self filmed video, we find Alisha extremely desperate to pee.  Talking to the camera, she tells us how badly she needs to go, but then continues to hold it for a while, growing more and more desperate with every passing moment.  We get to watch her struggle against the flood, clutching her crotch and dancing around as she fights not to pee in her pants.

Finally, after struggling to hold it, she lets go, thoroughly wetting her jeans.  The dark wet stain is super visible on her light colored jeans, and grows and an explosive pace as she pees her pants.  After she is done peeing she turns around, giving us some nice views of her soaked jeans.  Then, horny from peeing herself, she proceeds to masturbate as we watch.