Alisha Demands Attention

Wanting attention from Olivia, Alisha ends up going down on her and peeing in her pants in this kinky video.

Olivia has just settled in to watch her favorite television show, when Alisha enters the room, demanding attention.  Eager to watch her show, Olivia tries to get Alisha to go away, but Alisha remains persistent.  Trying to distract Olivia from the television, Alisha pulls off Olivia’s pants and begins to perform oral sex on her.

This ends up having the desired effect, Olivia has completely forgot about her show.  However, there is a small problem- Alisha needs to pee.  Alisha asks for a quick bathroom break, but now it is Olivia that is demanding Alisha’s uninterrupted attention.  Alisha does her best to hold on, but ultimately it is too much for her and she ends up wetting her pants.