Foreplay Instruction

Watch Olivia in this video as she attempts to teach the subtle art of foreplay.  Things take an unexpected turn, however, when Alisha needs to pee.

In this sexy instructional video we get to check out Olivia as she instructs us on how to engage in foreplay.  Using Alisha to demonstrate, Olivia walks us through how to approach foreplay.  This includes playing with Alisha’s breasts, kissing her, and even strategically sliding a hand down Alisha’s shorts.

Things are going well, when suddenly Alisha interrupts Olivia, saying that she needs to pee.  They briefly discuss if Alisha can hold it, or not, before Olivia decides to simply have Alisha pee in the bed.  As Alisha wets the bed, and her shorts, Olivia watches.  Once Alisha is done peeing, Olivia continues in her foreplay instructions as if nothing happened.