Desperately Doing Makeup

While applying her makeup, Alisha grows desperate to pee, ultimately having an accident in her jeans.

In this scene we find Alisha in the bathroom doing her makeup before heading out to meet up with her friend.  However, it is immediately clear that she is extremely desperate to pee.  She is dancing around, crossing her legs, and holding herself.  If you are wondering why she doesn’t just use the toilet, since she is in the bathroom, she does say something about waiting for a plumber to come fix the toilet, as it is non-operational.

It isn’t long before the desperation is too much for her to handle.  Despite her attempts to stay dry, she ends up peeing in her jeans.  Lucky for her, she thoroughly enjoys the warm and wet sensation of having an accident.  She enjoys it so much, in fact, that she ends up taking off her pants and masturbating in her dripping wet panties.