Wetting Yourself in Front of Alisha

Wet streaks run down her pants to the ground after she peed herself.

You’ve seen the girls of HD Wetting pee themselves countless times in the past, but now, its your turn. Alisha challenges you to hold it when you are desperate, and when you wet your pants she teases and humiliates you.

In this interactive scene Alisha asks you to only watch this video when you are extremely desperate to pee. Then, after a break to give you time to pause the video and come back when your ready, she mocks you for being desperate and the difficulty you are having holding it.

When you do wet yourself, Alisha responds by shaming and humiliating you.  However, when you start to seem really upset, she realizes that she may have gone too far.  She apologizes to you, then intentionally wets her pants to show you that it is okay, and so you won’t have to be the only one humiliated.