Jeans Wetting Close-up

Close-up of Alisha peeing in her pants.

This video gives us an incredible close-up view of Alisha peeing in her jeans.

It is a beautiful day and Alisha is outdoors, enjoying the warm weather.  She needs to pee, and decides that it would be fun to just pee in her pants.  She invites us to watch via an extreme close-up shot as she wets herself.

The close-up shot is incredible, letting us see every tiny detail, clearly making out the denim fibers of her jeans as she pees.  Her pants grow visibly dark with wetness, and glistening rivulets stream across the surface of the fabric.

After she is done peeing we go back to a wide-shot, letting us view her soaked jeans in their entirety.  Choosing to leave her wet pants on, because she enjoys the sensation of soaked fabric on a warm day, she says goodbye and the scene comes to an end.