Peeing in Pink Pants

A huge wet patch is visible on Alisha's jeans after she pees in them.

Watch Alisha pee in her light pink jeans, thoroughly soaking them, in this unashamed pants wetting video.

In this scene we find Alisha alone, practicing social isolation in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.  Like so many of us in this crisis, Alisha is concerned with staying as healthy as possible.  The one piece of health advice almost everyone can agree on is to drink lots of fluids, which Alisha has been doing diligently.

The only problem with having such a high fluid intake is that she is constantly needing to pee, which is the exact situation we find Alisha in here.  Rather than use the toilet, Alisha decides to simply pee in her pants.  After she is done peeing she peels off the sopping wet jeans, revealing her drenched blue panties underneath.  Then, with her wet underwear still on, she masturbates on camera as we watch.