Scenic Wetting on the Coast

Watch Sosha intentionally pee in her pants  in a beautiful scenic location in this cute and playful video.

In this scene we find Sosha on a small beach, in a rocky cove, along the coast.  She is wearing jeans and a black, long sleeved, top.  Talking to the camera, she explains how she was traveling along the coast when she stumbled upon this gorgeous setting.  Relishing the natural beauty of the scenic cove, she tells us she couldn’t just stop at such a beautiful location and not film a pee video.

After explaining why she decided to wet her pants at this location, she proceeds to pee in her jeans.  Standing on the beach, in full view of anyone who might happen to pass by, she fully wets herself.  After she finishes peeing, she seems almost giddy with joy, feeling the warmth in her jeans as she spins around on the beach.  Finally, she says goodbye, and the video comes to an end.