Can’t Hold It In Public

Watch Sosha in this absolutely humiliating video as she grows so desperate to pee that she actually wets her pants in public!

In this stunningly embarrassing scene, we find Sosha on a busy public street corner, extremely desperate to pee. She is on the phone with her friend, trying to give them directions to where she is so they can pick her up. It soon becomes obvious, however, that her friend is completely lost. As Sosha tries to patiently relay directions she is frantically struggling against her achingly full bladder.

Eventually, she reaches her breaking point and can’’t hold it any longer. With cars driving by, she pees in her jeans, visibly turning them dark with wetness. And, as if the people driving by aren’’t enough, diners at a restaurant across the street also seem to notice her accident. Humiliated, she runs away to hide and wait for her friend to find her.