Prolonged Desperation in the Car

In this prolonged scene of real desperation, we get to watch Sosha frantically struggle not to wet herself over the course of more than 10 minutes, completely unedited.

For this scene we join Sosha as she is riding in the car, extremely desperate to pee.  Completely unedited, we follow her desperate journey through a single camera view where she grows desperate and even starts to leak a bit.

Finally, we arrive at a safe place to stop the car.  As the car stops moving, Sosha leaps from the vehicle, but it is too late. It is a bit difficult to see because of the position of the sun relative to the camera, but as she exits the car you can see a stream pouring from the back of her pants.  A close examination reveals a sizable wet patch that is quickly growing larger.  Having lost control, Sosha simply stands next to the car as she soaks herself.