Blowing Up Whales and Peeing in Pants

After traveling back in time, an explosion startles Sosha so bad that she wets her pants in this completely crazy video.

It is one of the most watched videos online- In 1970 the Oregon Highway Department decided to dispose of a dead whale that washed up by blowing it up with dynamite.  This didn’t go exactly as planned; rancid whale flesh ended up covering bystanders and cars were crushed by giant pieces of falling blubber. Despite the undesired outcome, the event has found its place as one of the more absurd episodes of the 20th century.

Sosha is too young to have witnessed the exploding whale in person, but she wishes she could have been there.  So, after downloading a new time travel app to her phone, she decides to go back to 1970 and witness the whale being blown up first hand.

At first it seems like all has gone well.  Sosha  seems to have arrived back in the year 1970, finding herself standing on a beach next to the dead whale.  She had set her time travel app to give herself about a half  hour to prepare for the explosion, but something has gone wrong. The whale suddenly explodes, unexpectedly, badly startling Sosha.  So sudden and unexpected was the explosion that Sosha actually pees her pants in fright.