Extremely Desperate in the Car

Riding in the car, Sosha is extremely desperate to pee. A humiliating accident is the ultimate outcome of this prolonged and unedited desperation video.

This scene wasn’t planned.  Instead, while riding in the car, Sosha found herself desperate to pee.  Knowing that her predicament might be of interest to certain online communities, she started recording herself with her phone, documenting her situation.  Ultimately, after a prolonged struggle, she ends up wetting her pants in the car.

Presented here it is unedited form, the entire scene lasts more than ten minutes.  You get to watch as she goes from desperate to pee, to engaging in futile efforts to hold back the flood, to struggling as she starts to suffer little leaks.  Eventually, the leaks build into more of a flood, and Sosha is left in soaked jeans.