Spanking Punishment and Wetting

Olivia spanking Alisha

Olivia spanks Alisha until she pees in her panties in this kinky video.

We find Olivia in this scene settling down to play her favorite video game.  Upon loading her game, however, she quickly discovers that something is askew:  It appears someone else has been playing on her saved game, seriously disrupting the progress she has made.  There is only one possible culprit, and that is Alisha.

After being interrogated, Alisha admits to her crime, but that isn’t enough for Olivia.  Olivia insists on punishing her, and that involves having Alisha drop her pants, bend over Olvia’s knee, and get spanked.  Alisha protests, saying that she needs to pee, but Olivia thinks that she is just trying to get out of being spanked.  It turns out that Alisha is telling the truth, and eventually wets herself as Olivia spanks her.