Gaming While Desperate

Desperate to pee, Alisha has an accident while playing a video game.

Alisha accidentally pees in her pants while playing a video game in this cute wetting video.

In this scene we join Alisha as she is thoroughly wrapped up in a video game.  Despite needing to pee, she is intent on her game, and does her best to ignore her straining bladder.  Even though she is refusing to acknowledge how badly she needs to pee, it is clear from watching that she is extremely desperate.

Eventually, Alisha reaches her limit.  It comes down to a choice between her game and her pants, and she chooses to remain focused on her game.  The consequence of this are immediate; A wet patch spreading down her thighs, spreading out from between her legs.  It seems that she Alisha has now won her game, but lost the battle with her bladder, soaking her sweat pants.