Flood in Public

There are public wetting videos, then there are PUBLIC WETTING videos.  This is one of the latter; a giant flood unleashed by Sosha, visibly and clearly soaking her pants as people pass by with no way to hide what happened.

We join Sosha in this video as they walk along a public boardwalk by the bay.  Sosha isn’t the only one out for a walk in the gorgeous weather, plenty of others are out and about as well.  This wouldn’t be a big deal, except that Sosha desperately needs to pee and there is no where around where she can relieve herself.  She briefly considers the pros and cons of just wetting her pants, but afraid of being embarrassed, she decides to try to hold it.

Eventually, as the pressure builds in Sosha’s bladder, she changes her mind.  Her desire for relief eventually overcomes her fear of humiliation.  Standing along the boardwalk, with no way to hide herself, she lets go, completely and visibly flooding her pants.  After soaking herself, she runs away towards privacy, but her pants still clearly wet.