Wetting Videos

Check out these incredible high-definition pants wetting videos, all produced exclusively for HD Wetting.  These girls pee their pants on purpose and have humiliating accidents.  They even wet themselves in public.

Extreme close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her panties.

Up Close and Personal

Close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her jeans while she is tied up.

Alisha’s Punishment

Desperate to pee, Alisha decides not to hold it any longer and intentionally wets her pants.

She Really Had to Pee

Ronica and Alisha rub eachother as they are both soaked in Alisha's pee.
Hidden camera view of Alisha not quite making it to the toilet fast enough
Standing in a full bath tub, Alisha is still wearing the jeans she just peed in.

Filling the Bath

Sitting on the bathroom floor, Ronica pees in her shorts and makes a puddle.
Alisha is peeing in her jeans after being shot with the Bad Blaster Bladder Buster ray-gun.
Ronica looks horrified as she pees through her pink panties.
Close-up shot of Ronica having a wetting accident in her pants.
While weairng her cheer uniform, Alisha pees through her panties. Ronica playfully runs her fingers through Alisha's pee stream.

Cheering Up Ronica

Alisha inspects Ronica's back side after she pees in her pants.
Ronica talks about the origins of her pee fetish.

Ronica’s Interview

Close-up shot of Ronica peeing in her jeans.

Ronica Takes a Bath

Rear view of Alisha taking off her soaking wet underwear.

Flooding Her Blue Panties