Photos | Desperately Wetting Herself

Alisha wets her pants after growing desperate to pee.

Desperate to pee, Alisha is clutching her crotch, struggling to hold back the flood, in several of the photographs in this gallery.

Presented here is another incredible photo gallery featuring Alisha.  In these photos she poses for the camera as she grows ever more desperate to pee, eventually resorting to having to squeeze her legs together as she tightly holds her crotch, trying to wet herself.

Of course, these efforts to contain the impending flood prove to be futile.  With her back turned towards the camera, she ends up wetting her pants.  Her bladder, being achingly full, means that her jeans get thoroughly soaked as she pees herself.

This gallery features more than 85 high-resolution photographs.  Like many of our galleries, the images are absolutely stunning, offering incredibly clarity and sharpness.