4K Super Slow Motion

An extreme close-up shot, in 4K resolution, of Alisha peeing in her light colored pants.

When we first started HD Wetting, way back in 2007, we had one simple goal- To use the best video technology available to capture wetting in the most exquisite detail possible.  With this video, we are returning to those origins, only with a 4K upgrade.

As you may already know, we have been filming content in 4K for some time now, but down-sampling that content to 1080p to provide a better playback experience.  In this video, our goal was to capture the highest possible detail of Alisha wetting her light colored pants, so we filmed it not only in 4K resolution, but also in super slow-motion on a tight close-up shot.  The video is being presented here in its original resolution, without any downsizing.