Alisha Dares You to Wet Yourself

Close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her white pants.

In this sexy point-of-view video, Alisha dares you to pee your pants while she watches.  She reacts to you wetting yourself, but noticing that you are embarrassed, she wets herself too in solidarity.

This POV video puts you in the scene, with Alisha talking directly to you.  She notices that you are extremely desperate to pee, even leaking a little, and dares you to just let go and pee in your pants.  After some pressure, you do so, but are very embarrassed.  Alisha watches, and reacts, as you wet yourself, but this only humiliates you further.  Feeling bad that you are so embarrassed, Alisha wets herself as well to help you feel better about your accident.