Photos | Ronica Pees in Her Jeans

Ronica poses for our camera in a tank top and jeans.

We are super excited to introduce our newest model, Ronica.  In her first photo shoot with HD Wetting she poses for the camera while desperate to pee, eventually wetting her pants.

Featuring nearly 70 high-resolution photographs, this gallery shows off Ronica, our stunning new model, who struggled to pose for these photos while extremely desperate to pee.  Eventually, she had to resort to clutching her crotch to hold back the flood.  Shortly after that, she peed in her jeans, thoroughly soaking them.

It is clear from the expression on her face just how ashamed and embarrassed she feels after wetting herself.  Still, she remained brave enough to pose in her dripping wet pants, giving us a good look at her soaked jeans.