Photos | She Peed in Her Pink Panties

Completely naked below the waist, Alisha holds up the wet underwear she just peed in to show them off.

After growing desperate to pee, Alisha pees in her light pink panties in this stunning photo gallery.

Featuring more than 110 incredibly, high-resolution, photographs, this gallery stars Alisha as she pees in her panties, then takes them off to reveal her bare pussy.  The gallery starts with images of Alisha wearing a black, short-sleeve shirt and her pink underwear.  As we progress through the images, she clearly looks more and more desperate to pee, crossing her legs and holding her crotch.

When she does pee in here underwear, we get a unique view from behind, which clearly shows an impressively thick stream of fluid cascading down to the floor.  Several photos show her pee stream escaping from her panties as she lets it all go.  After she is done peeing, she shows off her wet underwear for the camera, ultimately taking them off and holding them up to give you a good view.