Photos | Ronica in Pink Panties

Ronica looks horrified as she pees through her pink panties.

Check out Ronica in these gorgeous photos as she poses in cute pink panties and an adorable pink top.  Of course, she also pees in her undies, because that’s what HD Wetting is all about.

This stunning gallery features more than 90 super high-resolution images of Ronica in her pink panties.  In the first photos, she is just showing off for the camera, fully aware of how cute she looks, but still a bit shy to be seen in just her underwear.

Needing to pee, badly, there are several photographs where Ronica’s desperation is clearly evident.  She squeezes her legs together and holds herself.  Finally, when she is absolutely bursting, she pees in her panties.  There are several photos as she is peeing, letting us see the stream escaping from between her fingers as she holds herself, and pouring through her soaked underwear.

After she pees in her panties, the remainder of the photos in the gallery are of Ronica showing off her dripping wet panties.