It’s the Zipper’s Fault

Desperate to pee, Alisha tightly crosses her legs as she struggles to free her stuck zipper.

Despite making it to the bathroom on time, Alisha still ends up having an embarrassing accident in her jeans when her zipper becomes stuck in this video.

Desperate to pee, Alisha races to the bathroom, only to have her relief foiled by a stuck zipper.  Her jeans are too tight to pull down without unzipping them, and with the zipper jammed, she can’t get her pants down.  With her legs tightly crossed, she fights with the zipper, trying to free it, but her attempts are unsuccessful. Extremely desperate to pee, she can’t hold on any longer and starts to wet her pants.  Quickly, she sits on the toilet, but with her jeans still on she ends up having a major accident.