Alisha teases Sosha while she is cuffed to the bed.

Sunday Morning Bondage

Sosha completely peed in her pants

One Shot Wetting

Unable to hold on any longer, Sosha completely soaks her pants


Laying tied up on the floor, Lyra pees in her jeans.

Consensual Pee Play

Sosha pees in her sweat pants after holding it as long as she could

Talking About Desperation

After holding and growing very desperate to pee, Sosha pees in her jeans

Trying to Hold It

Close up from behind as Sosha pees in her khaki pants

How to get Free Pizza

Sosha removes Alisha's peed in panties

Bound in White Panties

Alisha proudly poses in the pants she just peed in

Alisha Soaks Her Pants

A wet spot is visible as Alisha starts to pee in her jeans

Only One Bathroom