Alisha scolds Sosha for peeing in her jeans.
Close up of Alisha peeing in her leggings.

Bunk Bed Wetting

Close up of Sosha peeing through her panties onto Alisha.
Close up shot of Sosha peeing in her jeans.
Alisha and Sosha pose together.

Alisha Gives Sosha a Shower

A ceerleader pees through her panties onto her friend.
Sosha performs oral sex on Lyra on the bed Lyra just peed on.
Despite grasping her crotch tightly, Sosha has a wet accident in her jeans.
Sosha helps Lyra out of her peed in shorts.

Helping Sosha Get Off

Close up of Lyra's pussy as she pees on Sosha in the bath.

How to Take a Bath