Holding With Olivia and Autumn

Autumn watches as Olivia pees in her pink spandex shorts.

Olivia and Autumn, as they engage in a thrilling pee holding contest in this video. The stakes are high as these two women test their bladder control limits to determine who can hold it the longest without giving in to nature’s call.

As the contest begins, both women eagerly try their best to resist the urge to pee, but Autumn ultimately emerging victorious after a fierce battle of willpower and self-control. Olivia can no longer contain herself, resulting in an adorable and messy moment.  Soon after, Autumn also lets go and pees in her pants.

The camera captures every drop of urine as it splatters onto the floor beneath them, creating a visual spectacle that is equal parts humorous and erotic. The women share a playful laugh over their shared experience before cleaning up the mess together.