The Lighthouse – PWC208

Standing out in a storm in front of a creepy lighthouse, Alisha contemplates her most recent challenge.

We send Alisha out to a creepy old lighthouse to pee in her pants, but with horror movie fans flocking to the famous location, she finds it difficult to wet herself without getting caught.

For the 8th episode of season two of the Public Wetting Challenge, we thought it would make for a unique video to send Alisha out to a historic, but slightly creepy, lighthouse to pee her pants.  It turns out that the lighthouse we sent Alisha to is the very same one that is featured in the famous scary movies The Ring and The Ring Two.  Even today, horror movie fans make pilgrimages to this lighthouse to see the famous location in person.

This creates a problem for Alisha, however.  Despite arriving at the lighthouse in the midst of a rain storm, she finds the location packed with film fans.  If she is going to complete the challenge, she doesn’t have a choice except to wet herself in a crowd of people.