In Full Public View – PWC207

Alisha's jeans are visibly soaked with pee as she wets herself in public.

In her most daring public wetting to date, Alisha completely soaks her jeans in full public view at a popular tourist site.

This is the seventh episode of season two of the Public Wetting Challenge.  In this episode, Alisha is challenged to wet her pants at a popular tourist site, in full view of anyone passing by.  Luckily for Alisha, poor weather seems to have reduced the number of people out and about, but there are still several random strangers in the area.

Despite this, her bladder is quite full.  She decides to just do the challenge and get it over with quickly.  In full public view, she completely and visibly soaks her jeans.  Then, before she can get caught, she runs off to hide.