Photos | Peeing in Her Shorts

Picture of Alisha peeing in her light-khaki shorts.

Alisha completely soaks her shorts in this stunning photo set.

This gallery features over one-hundred high-resolution photographs showcasing Alisha peeing in her shorts.  The shorts she is wearing in these pictures are made of a very thin, light-khaki colored fabric.  The result is that when she pees in them they become almost transparent, as her pee flows through them, causing them to cling to her legs.  The fabric glistens with wetness as it becomes soaked, and from the leg-cuffs of her shorts we can see trickles of her urine flowing down her bare legs.

After she has finished peeing, she continues to pose for our camera, showing off her sopping wet shorts.  The entire gallery is filled with incredibly wetting images.  If you are a fan of beautiful women wetting themselves, you aren’t going to want to pass this one up.