Prolonged Desperation

In this video Sosha doesn’t pee her pants. At least not for a really long time.

This video is for all the fans of pure, intense, bathroom desperation. In this completely unedited video we get to watch as Sosha, desperate to pee, struggles to maintain bladder control. For more than ten minutes we get to watch as she crosses her legs, holds her crotch, and does everything else she can think of not to leak.

After a long time of holding she can’t take it any longer. She finally ends up having a major wetting accident in her jeans. The video continues for a while after she has wet her pants giving you time to enjoy the view.

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    • TVGuy says:

      I agree. I wish I would have had a desperation category when I started the site. Honestly, I can’t figure out why I didn’t think to add one. I do plan on adding this category once I have some time. Unfortunately adding the category isn’t all there is to it. I would then need to go through each and every video, one by one, and decide if it should be included in this new category or not. Doing this will be very time consuming.

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