Out for a Walk and Wetting Her Pants

Olivia's jeans are visibly soaked as she pees in them.

While out for a stroll, Olivia needs to pee.  Not wanting to hold it, she ends up wetting her pants in this video.

We join Olivia as she is out for another peaceful walk.  However, she needs to pee.  There is a park up ahead, she says, which probably has a bathroom. So her plan, at least initially, is to try and get to the park where she will be able to relieve herself.

Only a short time later, however, she decides that she doesn’t want to wait until she gets to the park.  Since no one seems to be around, she simply lets go, wetting her pants.  The denim fabric grows visibly dark with wetness as she pees herself.  We can even see the flow glistening as she goes as well as hear a slight hissing sound.