Desperately Wetting Her Shorts in Public

Close-up shot of the wet patch on Olivia's shorts after she had an accident.

Watch Olivia have a desperate wetting accident in her shorts in this humiliating public wetting video.

Things didn’t go exactly according to plan in this scene.  The idea for this scene was for Olivia, while she was desperate to pee, attempt to find a bathroom at a convenience store, only to discover that they don’t have any public restrooms.  Upon learning this, she was supposed to cross the street to a small park, in an attempt to use the park bathroom.  The park bathrooms, however, were closed.  The plan was for her to pee herself when she discovered that the park bathrooms were locked.

That, however, isn’t what happened. Olivia was too desperate to pee and didn’t make it that far.  For the whole video she was rushing, struggling not to pee herself, but running across the street to the park was too much for her.  As she crossed the street she ended up peeing in her shorts.