Peeing in Panties on a Bridge

Olivia lifts up her dress, revealing her panties as she pees through them and makes a puddle on the ground.

In this sexy public wetting video, Olivia bravely lifts up her dress and pees through her panties for all to see.

We join Olivia in this scene as she is out for a morning walk at a local park.  The cool, brisk air, is making her need to pee.  Since there is no bathroom in sight, and since she enjoys wetting herself, she decides to simply let it all go in her underwear.

While walking across a foot bridge Olivia lifts up her dress revealing her gray cotton panties, not just to our camera, but to anyone who may happen by.  With little concern for the fate of  her underwear, she relaxes her bladder, peeing through her panties and down her legs, leaving a puddle on the bridge below her.