Nowhere to Pee

Alisha wets her pants in public

Unable to find any place to go pee, Alisha ends up wetting herself in public in this video.

We join Alisha downtown as she is desperately searching for someplace to pee.  Unfortunately, all the businesses in the area seem to be closed.  There is also a lack of any place to hide, and several workers, apparently from a nearby construction project, out and about. Her situation is fairly dire, but she is still searching for someplace that might offer a bathroom.

Despite hoping to find a suitable option for relieving herself, she is unable to hold it any longer.  While walking along the street she pees her pants, making a puddle on the pavement under her.  As she stands there, peeing herself, cars pass by and people look on from accross the street.  Embarrassed, she runs off to hide and the video comes to an end.