Couldn’t Hold it in Public

Unable to hold it any longer, Alisha wets her pants in public.

After growing extremely desperate to pee, Alisha wets her pants in public when she can’t hold it any longer.

This is one of the most intense public wetting videos we have ever done at HD Wetting.  Why is that?  The desperation, the resulting accident, and the absolute humiliation it caused is so real and obvious by Alisha’s expression.

The plot of the video couldn’t be more simple- We just waited until Alisha was absolutely bursting, then had her walk down a public street until the inevitable happened.  What really makes it stand out though is the looks on her face.  You can clearly see how she has her teeth clenched, struggling to hold on  and the look of panic and terror as she starts to loose control in such a public setting.

Ultimately she looses control, soaking her jeans in public and humiliating herself.  After the experience she talks about what it was like.