Public Desperation

Alisha accidentally pees her pants in public.

Unable to hold it any longer, Alisha has a humiliating wetting accident in her jeans in public as traffic zooms by.

In this super embarrassing video we get to spy on Alisha who is trapped in a rather dire set of circumstances.  She is next to a busy public street, waiting for her friend to come pick her up, but she is bursting to pee.  As we watch, Alisha frantically paces back and forth, squeezing her legs together, as she is on the phone telling her friend to hurry up.

Alisha, however, is unable to wait a moment later.  In an explosion of wetness her bladder releases, and a dark wet patch  rapidly expands down the legs of her faded jeans.  Horrified and humiliated she curses her friend for taking too long as she stands there, in public, clearly peeing in her pants.